LibreOffice Calendar

I created a calendar of LibreOffice for on everybodies desk. One is with weeknumbers and the other without. Feel free to use and share.
Many thanks to Ron Faile Jr. and Eliane Domingos de Sousa for letting me derive of their great work.


Here a update on what I have been busy the last few months for LibreOffice. At the hack-fest in Hamburg me was told by Bjoern that they where looking for somebody to maintain and improve the Bugzilla Assistant (BSA). Since that time I have made quite a few improvements to the BSA.

Release-party, Hackfest and T-DOSE

The coming month I'll go to a few Open Source events again. The events are a Release-party for Ubuntu, a Hackfest for LibreOffice and T-DOSE Workshop Weekend.

Dutch Hackfest on 9th of June

I'm happy to hear that a new Dutch Hackfest for LibreOffice has been planned. This event will take place at the 9th of June in Utrecht. The NLLGG has agreed we can use a room at their meeting. More information will be announced but everyone is welcome to help with LibreOffice. For more information see the wiki (Dutch) or mail for more information

Hamburg Hackfest 2012

Last weekend I was at the Hamburg Hackfest. My main goal was to get more knowledge about the source-code of LibreOffice and to exchange some ideas about how to improve the QA as that is a weak point at the moment.

LibreOffice 3.5.0 Released

LibreOffice 3.5.0 has been released today by the document foundation. I'm happy that LibreOffice is going fast in the good direction. There are a lot of new features and improvements.
All can be read from here

Testing LibreOffice 3.5 Part 2

This Saturday was the 2nd bug hunting-session of LibreOffice 3.5. The dutch LibreOffice-community organized a session in Woerden at the office of The Security Academy. The event wasn't busy but we where able to do quite some work. Here I tell about it!

Testing LibreOffice 3.5

In the last week I'm testing LibreOffice 3.5 Beta's. The last two day's where BugHunting-sessions of LibreOffice. I helped and I'm organising a BugHunting session for the Netherlands on 21st of January in Woerden.

LibreOffice Dutch Hackfest

Last Saturday it was the fourth edition of the LibreOffice (LO) Dutch hack-fest. It was a nice gathering of a few enthusiastic people in Eindhoven. I organized it for the second time at MAD and I want to thank MAD for their cooperation.

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