Here a update on what I have been busy the last few months for LibreOffice. At the hack-fest in Hamburg me was told by Bjoern that they where looking for somebody to maintain and improve the Bugzilla Assistant (BSA). Since that time I have made quite a few improvements to the BSA.

At the hack-fest in München in November a lot was changed for the BSA. Christine Koppelt was at the hack-fest and she wanted to help. There are quite a few requests for improvements and we where able to do some. The input is more structured now as you have a select-box for the operating system and for the regression-version.

Selectbox Operating System

Another improvement was to have the newest versions on top of the version-box and regression-box. The other improvements aren't really visible to most users.

Selectbox versions

There are also quite some plans for the future. With the release of LibreOffice 4.0 we want to improve the “Send feedback”-option. This option won't send you directly to the BSA but to a new page. At this page users will be able to leave what they think of LibreOffice via Twitter. But also be able to ask-site and the BSA. A markup of the new “Send feedback”-page is here.

Feedback Page

Also do we want to translate the BSA in more languages to make sure more people are able to post their problems with LibreOffice. For now we are starting with a test in French somewhere in the beginning of new-year. But if it is a success we want add more languages. Another change we want to do is not as visible for most people but is better for later improvements as we want to start using the Bugzilla-XPC API.

Next to the work on the BSA I have also worked a bit on Impress. When closing the sidebars in Impress and Draw then LibreOffice will remember this for the next time you start up. This is remembered by some new values in the configuration of the user. And can be enabled back in the view-menu with the options “Task pane” and “Slide pane”.