Hamburg Hackfest 2012

Last weekend I was at the Hamburg Hackfest. My main goal was to get more knowledge about the source-code of LibreOffice and to exchange some ideas about how to improve the QA as that is a weak point at the moment.

At this moment we have multiple people working on the QA. But that group of people isn't growing as fast as the number of hackers in LibreOffice. So we need to find ways to get more people involved in reporting, checking and testing bugs. To enable this I think the tools for the QA need to be improved. When I look at this moment to the tools used by QA then they are not at all good. The Bugzilla, for example, is missing fields for information, doesn't have a easy way for normal users to fill in bugs and the filled in information isn't specific. With the last I mean is that you can fill in Windows, but not even which version of Windows.

There is a bugassistant on the website of LibreOffice however, and I did create a update for it this Sunday, but is needs more work. So in the coming weeks I will be trying to improve that. That should solve 1 problem.
There was also a good discussion on the logins we have. Now you have to register again for each of our services. The idea now is to have OpenID for the login. That way you can use OpenID to login for each of our services. This will make it a lot easier for people to use our software.
There where more ideas discussed, as for example having our own bugzilla, but I don't know what came out of the discussions.

The main bugs I worked on where for Impress. I have written a patch to add wide-screen page-size (16:9) for slides. You can already use a user-defined page-size for your slides and then insert yourself the height and width. But now there is a predefined page-size in the correct size. You can select it under format->page of you can select it in the presentation-wizard. The Master-pages aren't correct in wide-screen however. That's something that still needs to be done.
Another bug I'm still looking at are remembering the state for the sidebars. I'm already a long time busy with this patch, and now Thorsten helped me with helping along. I now have a correct example to look at how to get the configuration-options. I hope I will be able to finish this patch soon now. The problem was that it crashes at the moment. When I'm at home I'll be able to debug and see where it crashes.
The last bug for Impress I looked at but wasn't be able to find why it goes wrong is the copying of the master-pages. I did some research in it but it will be better to try to solve this when you have a debug-build.

All in all it was a good weekend. Met a lot of people of LibreOffice and worked on the project. Thanks to everybody for the fun and help, especially the organization, I hope I can come next time again.
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